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This blog is a joke right?

Christian Conservative Capitalist Republican, Bisexual. I reblog whatever I feel like, most of that is politics. I reblog post and get in fights. And if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the post on my blog, you can take it up with me. I hate Liberal causes, including the LGBT-Community who only care about political agendas and Pro-Abortion advocates who refuse to bat an eye at the death of 57 million children.

Are you sure yours isn’t a joke?

(Trigger Warning for child abuse) Court lets child abuser off the hook

a child was assaulted by an adult with a belt, but the court decided it wasn’t excessive. 

adult privilege is being granted the right to not be beaten on the legs, butt and arms over something as trivial as swearing.

Whatever you do, don’t read the comments. Fucking child abuse supporters.

people like this are breathing up too much air.




The way people talk about children having it easy because they don’t have to pay bills, they make it seem like being in prison is the ultimate privilege.

the very definition of reaching, tho. amazing. incredible. what a time to be alive. 

white people must be bored again

Why do you sound so much like an anti-SJW blogger?

Does this person think everyone who supports youth rights is white?

- Concealed Weapon

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Youre fucking stupid for posting that

Tell me exactly how that message isn’t insulting.

Anonymous submission:

Adult privilege is my mom telling me that I’m not suicidal, that I’m not depressed or anxious, and that I just want attention, because my going to a psych ward “invalidates” people who “really” experience these disorders. Mine are, according to her, “perfectly normal” in someone my age due to my “hormones.” This has been “perfectly normal” since I was 9, which was 11 years ago.

Adult privilege is my parents being able to enter our rooms, remove our doors, and invade our private lives simply because they pay for the house. By that logic, landlords also have the right to enter apartments without consent simply because they own the land. And they can’t speak about the issue of rent because children pay in work and chores that often go unnoticed.

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I'm not here to rile anything up. But I'm just asking, you understand that children and teens are still developing and their brains aren't fully functioning yet? Like that's what puberty is. I'm 16 and on estrogen and I sometimes can't control my emotions and it's frustrating. So when your parents tell uou to do something or not do something it's for your own good while you're still developing. Most parents love their kids more than anything. They aren't disrespecting them by trying to help-

Not everything adults do is evil, but evil things adults do are defended by society. Also, most people already believe that everything parents do is for their children’s own good, and there’s no reason for us to go out of our way to defend beliefs that are already popular.

It really makes me sad to see teenagers trying to talk to their parent(s) about something that they feel strongly about or tell their parent(s) something important/something they want them to know, but their parent(s), without trying to understand or support them, lash out and get angry, and two days later wonder why their child doesn’t feel comfortable talking to them about their personal life.