Adult privilege is my parents being able to enter our rooms, remove our doors, and invade our private lives simply because they pay for the house. By that logic, landlords also have the right to enter apartments without consent simply because they own the land. And they can’t speak about the issue of rent because children pay in work and chores that often go unnoticed.

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    misslahla here is a sample of the finest bullshit tumblr has to offer, i hope you find it pleasing
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    I’ll also point out that landlords in fact _can_ enter your house without permission. (24 hours notice in most jx but...
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    This just goes to show your lack of understanding about the way things work. The landlord does have the right to enter...
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    Well once you’re the one making house payments/rent/mortgage payments you may think a little different
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    Is there an alternative that isn’t “most children die of exposure”? I’m not sure I want to bite this bullet.
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    … That’s OP’s whole point? That it’s not just that they own the house, it’s that they have a privileged social position...
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    This post can’t be real. Please tell me it’s a troll. It’s a troll, right guys? Haha, this poster sure got us good,...
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    to be fair it’s not simply because they own the house, though the rhetoric is often “my house my rules.” Legally...
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